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Tuesday, 14 January, 2014
Now you've had a great introduction to Craig "The Champ" Charity. He's our National Barista Champion, has a fledgling coffee company, Lineage Coffee and 2014 is a big year for him. Huge.

In less than a month he jets off to Bujumbura, Burundi to compete in the African Fine Coffee Association African Barista Champion. Lovejoy Chirambasukwa our 2013 Champion, won it last year and we have every confidence that Craig will keep the trophy in South Africa! Then the prep for the Worlds begins. Alessandro Morricco, importer of Nuova Simonelli, the WBC sponsor to SA, has installed a competition standard machine for him to train on. And with the most support for an SA Barista Champ yet (fast may it grow!), the pressure is on to achieve greatness! TheCoffeeMag will be keeping a close eye on him.

One of things we love about Craig is that although he is seriously hard working, he never takes himself or the pressure of it all too seriously. And he has awesome friends that also like to have a lot of fun.

Case in point, the extremely talented Andrew McGibbon and the new Lineage postcards. Good show gentlemen, we love your work.

We are extremely excited for the Autumn edition because Andrew is shooting Craig for us and the last time that happened, this happened... just imagine how phenomenal the cover will be!

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