Update from the floor: Day 3 of the SCASA GP Regionals at Hostex

Tuesday, 19 March, 2013
We're coming to you live from the Hostex floor!

Martin Ten Koorden  - through to the top 6

Gwilym Davies, the 2009 World Barista Champion who has been educating and inspiring the baristas and crowds alike here today, has just announced the Top 6 Baristas on behalf of the judges, after a gruelling two days of competition.

Gwilym Davies (UK) - WBC World Champ 2009, with Lani Snyman of SCASA
announce the finalists

And they are (in the order they will compete tomorrow):

Ishan Natalie (Tribeca)

Bruce Manning (Tribeca)

Martin Ten Kroonden (Tribeca)

Mike Gumbo (Nino's)

Johnson Sehoro (Wimpy)

Wayne Burrows (Independent)

The Barista Finalists, (L_R) Ishan Natalie, Wayne Burrows, Johnson Sehoro, Mike Gumbo,
with Gwilym Davies.

The Cup Taster's, Aeropress and Latte Art competitions were run on Sunday, the winners have already been decided, but will only be announced after the Barista finals tomorrow. The finalists were:

Cup Tasters: Johnson Sehoro and Ishan Natalie

Cup Tasters: Johnson Sehoro and Ishan Natalie

Latte Art: Phumlani Sibeko and Peter Seodisa

Gwilym and Phumlani (so excited he couldn't stand still for the photo!)

Aeropress: Johnson Sehoro and Matt Carter

The event has been so well run, huge congrats to the SCASA team and special mention to Rochelle McWilliams who has been the behind the scenes champion.

Here are a few other moments from the day:

Johnson, smiling and dancing through to the finals.

Ori pouring his signature drink - deconstructed virgin mojito. 

Johnson and TheCoffeeMag's Melanie Winter (ed!)

Freddy, a late entrant, but a strong performance.
Alban, from +27 cafe in Pretoria.

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