Cafe Focus: The Grind Coffee Company

Friday, 1 March, 2024

By Ayanda Dlamini 

Cnr Whiteley Road and, The High St, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196

Located in Melrose Arch, The Grind Coffee Company pays homage to the hardworking spirit of the city. It has also positioned itself as a sanctuary for those caught up in the daily hustle. In Johannesburg, where the work culture is characterised by long hours and relentless ambition, The Grind Coffee Company serves as a much-needed refuge, a place where individuals can pause, recharge, and find solace amidst the chaos.

The space has energetic, modern decor, which is seamlessly chic but also manages to provide cozy comfort. I really admired the innovative use of the space - downstairs amidst the buzz of conversation and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and food, people are soaking in the vibrant energy of the café and discussing their next location within Melrose Arch, while upstairs offers a more serene retreat, perfect for quiet reflection or focused work sessions. I like this set up, because you might prefer the lively ambiance below on one day, and the tranquil oasis above on another.

Lesley, the leading barista at The Grind Coffee Company, exudes a contagious passion for his craft. When I ordered my flat white with oat milk, he was more than happy to enlighten me about their predominantly plant based menu and the coffee they serve - roasted by Father Coffee, their delicious House blend is made up of African and South/Central American coffee. 

This carefully curated blend promises a flavour profile that is both bold and nuanced. I had one of those moments when drinking my coffee, where I released how fast I had finished it and wished I savoured it a bit more. This cafe is really a haven for the city’s hustling souls. So, whether you’re seeking breathing space or a wave of inspiration, allow The Grind be your refuge.

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