Cafe Focus: Proud Mary Coffee

Friday, 8 December, 2023

Proud Mary: Timeless charm and good coffee

By Ayanda Dlamini  

Location: The Bank, 26 Cradock Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

The name “Proud Mary” illustrates the importance of having a good, strong name. I imagine the intention behind its name corresponds with the same mentality parents have when naming their children. They choose names they hope will influence their child’s future, believing that a name’s meaning might inspire certain qualities or characteristics in the child.

I can’t help but think that Proud Mary is a product of this. Like its distinct name, the space exudes a sense of confidence and grace. It's a name that resonates with both history and tradition while simultaneously embracing modernity. By embodying a bygone era, reminiscent of a classic New York hotel atmosphere.

(We know the pics say Proud Coffee, but it is connected to the popular and delicious restaurant and bar Proud Mary and they are both part of the Voco Hotel offering, it is always referred to as Proud Mary. It's an 'If you know, you know' kinda vibe!) 

Stepping into Proud Mary Cafe feels like an invitation to a world where strangers become acquaintances, effortlessly engaging in long conversations that make you feel like you’re  reuniting with old friends.

I found that one of the cafe’s most magnetic features is its deliberate design, crafted to seat customers in a manner that encourages interaction. Here, the act of sharing a table with strangers is an experience in itself, an opportunity to make connections and engage in meaningful conversations. I found that the friendly baristas are an essential part to the enjoyable social encounters that happen at this bar, they possess an innate knack for sparking conversations, weaving effortlessly into customers’ lives with genuine interest.

Proud Mary resembles characteristics of that one friend who’s multifaceted in the best way. They’re talented in all arenas - Food, Wine, Coffee and good vibes. When asking for more details about their coffee, I enjoyed the barista’s openness and zeal when having chats about coffee and why we love it. It came from a place of feeling proud of what they serve to people. They serve a medium roast, curated for Proud Mary by State 5 Coffee Roasters, designed to pair well with their amazing foods and deserts. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. This charming establishment effortlessly combines a classic ambiance with modernity, a blend that gives rise to an inviting and infectious atmosphere. Proud Mary Cafe reminded me of the art of fostering a community through shared experiences, good food, and the simple joy of conversation.

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