Big Change through Small Shifts: Composting for the win!

Friday, 13 October, 2023

All Images by Paige Fiddes

Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone was this excited (see above!) about reducing waste and composting! 4WKS are running a summer campaign in Cape Town to reward and encourage people to get into a habit of composting their used pods. Not everyone is able to compost at home (#citylife), even though the pod are completely home compostable, but with this partnership with 6 coffee spots in CT, hopefully a few people will start to think about pods and coffee and composting differently! And we approve of having a new perspective on things we love.

So what are the benefits to the consumers?

Well, first you get to pop in at one of the wonderful cafes on board, Rosetta Roastery on Bree, Deluxe Coffeeworks Buitenkant, Truth Coffee, Pauline's in Seapoint and Häzz in Newlands. You can drop them off and check out the 4WKS HQ in Woodstock.

Next, you'll get 15% off your top up while you're in store doing your bit for the environment. A nice little pat on the back for doing some good! And we could all use a bit of help forming good habits, right?

This is definitely an Everyone Wins kind of situation. As they say, big change happens when many of us make small shifts. Let's do it!

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