We Are Egg: An intriguing retail concept

Thursday, 7 October, 2021

The first thing you notice when you walk into Egg in the new Cavendish Mall annex in Cape Town is the Deluxe Coffee Bar greeting you. And this is necessary! A caffeine hit from a perfectly extracted espresso from the brand new La Marzocco GB5 is just the ticket to get you pumped for a very cool, very unusual shopping experience! Shout out to Sedick for the awesome cortado.

I’m not one for malls at the best of times and I’m not really one for shopping either. But give me some cool brands, showing off just a few pieces of their very best stuff, and I’m in! The closest experience I’ve had to this previously was in Yokohama, Japan in a collaborative surf-concept store, where each brand just had a very small space to show off their best stuff - it’s like a curated shopping experience for people who want some thing different and something limited edition!

The other thing I noticed (and this is something that anyone in coffee will really appreciate!) the staff in Egg are very cool people, who are invested and knowledgable about the products on display. Like a barista who can tell you all about the coffee origin, the processing and the farmers… these guys can you about the latest sneakers, who designed them, why they are special and how few were released! 

There is all kinds of cool stuff in there, but also good food, health and wellness, and beauty products. My only criticism would be the purple lighting which I found weird, but other that that, I guarantee, if you visit, you’ll come away with a retail experience unique in SA.  


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