WIN one of three BWT Magnesium Mineralizer Jugs for coffee!

Thursday, 11 July, 2019

BWT came on board as one of our big sponsors at this year's FNB Creative Coffee Week. We have always admired their take on water at international coffee events and were very proud to have them as part of our event.

The BWT magnesium mineralizer jugs were used throughout FNB Creative Coffee Week for delegates to stay hydrated amid the coffee consumption!

BWT also gifted each of our FNB Coffee Magazine Award Winners a Magnesium Mineralised Water Jug and the good news is we have three of these jugs to give away, they normally retail for R395.* 

All you need to do is tag someone in the comments below who also believes that great water = great quality coffee!

A little about these filters below:

"The BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Filter Jugs use patented Magnesium technology which exchanges calcium ions for magnesium ions. Reducing the pH level and enriching the water with Magnesium creates delicious tasting water as well as improving the flavour of the food and drinks prepared with it."

* Please note these Prize jugs for reader giveaway were used at FNB Creative Coffee Week.

Team Origin  - Who won "Best Alternative Brewing Experience"

The wonderful Kaya, from Fabrica - "Reader's Choice Award for Best Cafe"

Barista Narsh from Pauline's with their award for "Best Cafe Design2019"

Simnikiwe Mkhize - "Barista of the Year 2019" from Rosetta Roastery.

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