Cafe of the Week: Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

Friday, 22 July, 2016
Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar
2 7th Street Melville
063 335 9348

The pavements are uneven and were bustling with construction in numerous old buildings along 7th street. There seem to be a lot businesses moving back into the neighbourhood. It was a beautiful winter's morning and I enjoyed the stroll to the very end of the street where Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar lives.

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day...A breath of fresh air in Melville.

I haven't been to Melville for quite some time, but last time I was at Urban Grind Coffee Roasters I bumped into Louis who was just about to open this fun breakfast and lunch spot, so I made my way into the neighbourhood. It was well worth the visit.

This is a place to slowly enjoy the eclectic people-watching and soak up the culture. The enchantingly cheesy sounds of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack wafted through the beautifully crafted space and had me tapping along as I was served my Urban Grind cortado.

Now, I don't want to understate this, I LOVE a good toasted sarmie. The simple pleasure of cheese between two slices of bread, sigh, it can be glorious. Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar served me one of the best toasted sarmies I have had in a very long time. Two different kinds of cheese, crispy bacon, homemade mayo and beautiful sourdough bread lathered in butter. Sublime!

Louis says all the right things came together to get this place off the ground. He spent 6 weeks as a sous chef learning from a chef who had a secret pancake recipe that he loved and the ball kept rolling from there. "I get the same rush from a busy dinner service as I did when I performed on stage." Louis was part of the band Shadowclub as his former day (night) job. He is loving this new challenge and you can't help but be excited by his enthusiasm.

They built the interior from the ground up and they have had a very successful first three months of trading. Best of luck to this new venture. The energy here is contagious and we're sure it will become a well-loved addition to the Melville community.

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