Ever wondered what's going on inside a portafilter?

Monday, 31 March, 2014
On the There is No X in Espresso Roadshow recently, Craig Charity has been focusing a lot on how important distribution of the coffee in the portafilter is. This video brings that right on home. The transparent, perspex portafilter was designed and made by a Stephen Sweeney from Seattle. He was challenged to develop a portafilter that would help baristas understand what is going on with their coffee. 
Watch how the water moves the coffee around and has to fight its way through the grounds.

It also has a great Alexandre Desplat soundtrack, having just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel (a must for Wes Anderson fans!), the whimsical notes perfectly compliment the slow progression changing water to heavenly elixir.


Stephen Sweeney's TPF - Transparent PortaFilter from Roemer Overdiep on Vimeo.

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