Sustainability: Get creative with hessian coffee sacks!

Thursday, 15 June, 2023

By Ayanda Dlamini 

As an avid coffee drinker, there’s a sense of responsibility and accountability I feel when it comes to living sustainably. I believe that being a coffee enthusiast should co-exist with the aspect of sustainability, and the ways of a sustainable lifestyle. It’s really that full circle effect of taking care of the land that takes care of you; and giving back to the soils that gifted us with gems such as Coffee. 

On that note, I’ve learnt that the Jute Plant and the Sisal Plant are huge contributors to the world of coffee. These two plants are the main contributors of the fibers that are used to make Coffee sacks, otherwise known as Hessian Sacks. These coarsely woven bags have been used for centuries to transport raw goods like coffee beans, to places all over the world. The bags are made from very tough plant fibers, resulting in its ideal thick and breathable textures, making them a supreme source of material for the transportation of goods. 

If you didn’t know, what’s even better about these Coffee Sacks are the fact that they are 100% biodegradable and are considered low-energy recyclable. This not only means that they are not toxic to the environment, this also gives us the creative freedom to reuse these bags in many different ways. Most local roasteries will sell them to you at a very affordable price once the coffee is used!

Pot Plants: 

For the garden enthusiasts, coffee sacks make great planter bags. They are lightweight, weather resistant and malleable, allowing the plants flexibility and room to grow. The material of the sacks is also perfect for newly planted seeds, laying the material over the seeds enables them to sprout at a faster rate. 

DIY tote bags: 

We all love a good tote. I think most of us, when we buy tote bags we try to purchase the ones that represent us the most. There is nothing more appropriate than a tote bag made out of a coffee sack for us coffee lovers. For the sewing connoisseurs. This type of material is ideal for strongly built tote bags that can carry our groceries or even act as a stylish accessory to carry around. 

Storing Food: 

Traveling or at home, coffee sacks are an excellent way to carry and store fresh fruits or vegetables. The coffee sacks loose and breathable material helps prevent rotting, over ripening of fruits as well as being easily bruised. This method can also be applied to your fruits and vegetables draws, as a base material that also prevents premature ripening of fresh produce. 

Coffee Sack frame: 

Next time you feel the need to re-arrange your lounge space or have the urge to redesign a room. Consider framing a coffee sack, from the place of origin you favor the most. Local cafes or even roasteries can accumulate a lot of coffee sacks in a week, and typically sell them to customers. This could be your way of sourcing your ideal coffee sack from a county you desire, to hang up on your walls and add sentimental character to your space.

These creative ways to shapeshift coffee sacks into basically anything you set your mind to, are just the tip of the iceberg. Coffee sacks are multifaceted in the sense that you can use them for almost anything, from accessories to storage solutions. These are ways that make living sustainably cool and exciting, and most importantly easy for us to incorporate in our day to day lives. 

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