This coffee has been in the freezer for 9 nine years...

Friday, 22 July, 2022

 "The very first sip of a nine year old chill process - God help me! " says Sasa Sestic 2015 World Barista Champion and Owner of ONA coffee in Australia.

Sasa made a hilarious video of cupping this coffee after his wife forced him to make more space in the freezer, when they moved house, and she wasn’t prepared to have it sitting in the new freezer!  Sasa also did some cascara on the side.

Dry Fragrance: "It doesn't smell great" he says initially. It's very pungent, like burnt popcorn - no fruit at all. I don't think it smells like coffee any more."

Wet Aroma : Surprisingly, I'm getting some sweetness now - like dark chocolate" Super flat on the nose, not much there. It's like buying popcorn at the movies and leaving it in your car for two months, then eating it."

Taste notes:  "okay...Oh..Okay. Wow. Where do I start? It's very astringent, like white vinegar.. Like super dry wood but it's very oily, like used engine oil. Not that I drink a lot of engine oil. It still has acid! Super sharp lemony acid. Not many positives, but it does have notes of orange...peel. Sweetness, it's very burnt. but more bitter than sweet!"

Verdict?  "Would I do this again? Absolutely not! Or fighting with my wife for more freezer space at home!"

Sasa says, tongue in cheek that it's the "longest processed coffee ever"

So it is ok to stroe coffee in your freezer...just don;t leave it for 9 years!.

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