Tiny Cafes: Deluxe Coffeeworks, Church Street

Friday, 25 August, 2017

Number 25, Church Street, Cape Town. The beginning of a coffee empire. Pic from Deluxe Coffeeworks

The original Deluxe Coffeeworks is the stuff of legends. And a Series on Tiny Cafes would not be complete without including this gem in the Cape Town CBD.

Photo by Craig Kolesky for Issue 12 of The Coffee Magazine
Having been around since 2009, they're kind of like the granddaddy of tiny, independent cafes in South Africa. Getting a coffee from this slim-line espresso bar was, and still is, an amazing experience. 

I'd not seen anything like it. The team of baristas behind the counter was moving as one, getting coffees out at the speed of light, money being left on the counter, no time to pause between beverages, no time for small talk, just excellent and reasonably priced coffee pumping out by the litre. A delicious daily pitstop for the locals working in the area.

Judd Francis and Carl Wessel have always known exactly who they are and what Deluxe stands for as a brand. That has remained constant in the nine years since this cafe since they opened their doors, along with the consistency of their simple coffee offering, their signature three bean blend that they perfected from the start. Their distinctive aesthetic was well ahead of the trend of the motor head/coffee combo and though their locations have grown in number and size over the years, they still keep very true to their roots.

I always leave this small piece of South African coffee history feeling proud of this team and what they've created. Always worth a visit.

Pic from Deluxe Coffeeworks

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