Coffee Tip of the Day: Let Your Kettle Settle

Friday, 26 June, 2015
Think about your tongue for a second. Think about the feeling when a too hot liquid or food hits it and then you have that little rough patch that you can't get rid of and you can't taste anything for a while. It sucks right?

Well coffee is a really sensitive little raw product, if you scald it with boiling hot water the effect of that will be bitter, tasteless coffee, it will lose it's natural flavour characteristics and all the work of all the people it took to get the coffee to your cup goes to waste. We come from a culture that appreciates really hot beverages and each to their own, but her is our...


It's simple, (and we steal the phrase from David Coleman) let your kettle settle! When your kettle has reached boiling point wait for just 1 minute and then continue brewing. AeroPress, French Press, V60, Chemex, just try it and see if you extract that extra wow factor from your daily brew.

Did you know that commercial espresso machines are generally set so that the temperature of the water in the grouphead sits at around 93 degrees celcius? This is adjustable and opinion varies as to the optimal temperature, with some sitting as high as 96 degrees, and some going below the 90 mark, but it all points to one thing, temperature is super important to your coffee extraction!

Have fun!

The Bonavita temperature controlled kettle! We want it, as far as we know they're unavailable in SA currently, but hopefully soon!

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