A Lasting Impression: Getting inked in Seattle

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015

By Mel Winter

There are not many people I know that decide to get a tattoo on a whim, but then Craig Charity isn't most people. In all my research of where, how and what to get inked, the advice most often given is use an artist that you trust and that comes with many good recommendations.

So it was that we were at lunch with Laila Ghambari and her good friend, Dana in Seattle and we noticed her latest tattoo, beautiful delicate Roman numerals and a very high recommendation of this all-girl tattoo parlour, Two Birds. During that hour long lunch, Craig made up his mind that he was definitely getting a tattoo and during the hour long bus journey to get to the other side of Seattle we had decided upon a drawing.


Me? Nervous? Never!!!

This is not your average tattoo parlour, the girls have got an awesome set-up here. Robyn had an hour slot available and asked us to give her around 10 minutes to work with the drawing, so very casual. We set off to the next block to have a coffee at Herkimer Coffee Roaster's while we waited. Scott Richardson, owner there, also had a very high praise for the tattoo artists housed in this boutique setting and revealed an amazing cartoon octopus that sprawled across his midsection. So Craig was certainly in good hands!

True to her word, Robyn was ready to go on our return and after a few small adjustments, Craig was on the table and under the needle! He hardly flinched (probably because I was determined to take as many photos as possible!) and the whole thing took 20minutes tops. Now that's an awesome keepsake to bring back from overseas travels.

The final product? A coffee seed of course! With deep roots, testament to the effect that coffee has had on Craig's life.

A quick espresso and donut, probably not the best things to calm nerves, caffeine and sugar, but to be fair I was more nervous than Craig by far.

Robyn had the drawing prepped and ready to go in 10 minutes.

Easy peasy! All over in less than 20 minutes, amazing job!

The coffee seedling! The first of many planned tattoos for Mr Charity. He's definitely hooked.

I had a margarita to celebrate, there would be quite a few more tequilas as the night progressed...

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