Introducing the Wacaco Cuppamoka!

Thursday, 25 February, 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new coffee brewing device to SA's shores, courtesy of the team at MoreFlavour! Coffee Magazine presents to you, for the first time in SA…the one, the only, Wacaco's Cuppamoka!

Oh it may look like just a nifty travel mug on first glance, but it is so much more...The Cuppamoka is a compact and lightweight travel pour-over coffee maker and on-the-go cup system, from the International Wacaco stable, the same company that has brought us countless coffee brewing devices like the Minipresso, Pipamoka and the Nanopresso. We were lucky enough to be sent one (after being forced to swear secrecy) just before leaving for a nice long road trip through the Western and Eastern Cape, so we had the perfect opportunity to test out this little number.

A pour over set designed for travellers, it weighs 316g and holds 300ml of coffee.. It’s small, so it doesn’t take up much space, perfect for your travel bag or backpack.

This pourover is robust! The outer cup, which houses all the bits and pieces, is made of food grade, isothermal stainless steel. It ain't gonna break! Even in the hands of a clumsy human, like our editor, Mel. Big plus! We have seen many a ceramic and glass pour-over go to their grave in the Coffee Magazine office.

Then there’s the filter papers (10 included when you buy it, so it'd recommended to buy filters when you buy your Cuppamoka), scoop and collecting pad. Now the collecting pad is a nifty little addition! We had to read the manual to discover its purpose, but is actually really useful! Once your coffee has finished dripping through the filter, you can place the screw top cone neatly on to the collecting pad, no mess, no fuss!

Finally, and maybe most exciting, is the lid. Look, we know that sounds a bit ridiculous. How can we be excited about a lid, right?! But guys, it is super tough to find a completely non-leaking lid and we think Wacaco have nailed it. Better yet it also fits the other Wacaco devices, like the Pipamoka. Seriously, this lid is leakproof! We dare you to prove us wrong!

That’s it! Simple and easy. We think it is a fantastic deal at R850. If pourover coffee is your preferred brewing method, then you've got to add one of these babies to your collection! (Yes, we know you have more than one!)

An on-the-go pourover set - perfect for coffee brewing with a view!

So how does it work? The Cuppamoka works like any drip coffee system. All you need is coffee and hot water.  The best part is that the coffee is brewed straight into your stainless steel mug and once you pop the lid on it stay hot for hours.

Coffee Magazine’s On-the-Road Cuppamoka Method:

  1. Take off lid and unpack the pieces from the cup and twist open the cone into pourover position.
  2. Grind out 16g of coffee or take two scoopfuls of coffee from your ground coffee - a medium coarse grind works best.
  3. Boil a kettle and then let it sit for a minute after boiling. Or take out your trusty hot water flask.
  4. While you “let your kettle settle”,  place an open filter paper in the Cuppamoka cone.
  5. You can use a little of your hot water to wet the filter paper, but be sure to throw out that water from the cup before you start your brew! This is an optional step.
  6. Put your fresh coffee grounds in the filter paper.
  7. Pour a little hot water over the coffee until all of the coffee grounds are saturated, but not floating. Count to 30 while the coffee “blooms”.
  8. Slowly pour water over your grounds, making sure you agitate the grounds a little with the water stream.
  9. Unscrew the filter system from the stainless steel cup and place on collecting pad
  10. Put your leakproof lid straight onto the mug. Voilà! Coffee to go! 


The bloom. Making sure all the coffee grounds are saturated before the main pour. We used a delicious coffee from Brothers, a specialty lot from female producers in Colombia, Womens Power Organic - Serrania Perija FW. So sweet and clean in this clever contraption!

See it in action below:

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