Bialetti Induction Moka. We explore this classic with a new twist.

Friday, 12 March, 2021

What exactly is induction cooking or heating and how is it different to a regular stove?

Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. ... An induction hob contains a coil of copper wire underneath the ceramic plate, and when a cooking pot is placed on top an alternating electric current is passed through it.

A major difference between a gas and induction stovetop is that induction is significantly more efficient than gas – food being cooked with induction will receive 90% of the heat generated, as opposed to only 40-55% for gas. This keeps your kitchen much cooler and more comfortable while you prepare meals.

The Moka Induction from Bialetti  is the first Moka pot that can also be used on induction hobs. A functional combination of materials makes this coffee maker unique and inimitable: the octagonal aluminium collection chamber represents tradition and continuity with the historical Moka Express, while the steel boiler with a truncated conical shape also allows it to be used on induction hobs.

Proudly Italian, the age old moka pot was traditionally used on a gas hob, open flame or traditional stove to boil the water. Now, with the induction technology you can brew your moka pot on your new induction cooker!

Induction cooktops are electric since they don't use gas or another flame to heat. However, what sets them apart from regular electric cooktops is the manner in which they heat. Induction cooktops are quite different from the electric option. The air between the cooktop and the cooking vessel never gets hot.

Besides the massive saving in energy, you also won't generate any additional heat in your kitchen, which can be an advantage.

Induction Moka pot cappucinno - Made at Coffee Mag HQ!

The Induction Moka Cappuccino!  Our Method:

1. Grind 30 g of coffee fine - espresso machine fine ( trust us!) and place into the Induction Moka's basket.

2. Fill the Moka bottom chamber with cold water up to the valve.

3. Set your induction cooker to medium heat (we chose 5 out of 10 on a Snappy Chef)

4. Screw on the top chamber tightly and set on the induction cooker.

5. Leave the lid open and wait for the coffee to start coming through the spout. Once it is 3/4 full, turn off the heat completely

6. Warm up some milk in the microwave or steam some milk and pour!

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