Issue 44: Winter Edition 2023

Friday, 30 June, 2023

It's Aloe season here on the Southern tip of Africa and we are blooming excited (sorry, couldn't resist!) to share the Winter Edition of The Coffee Magazine with you.

We are thrilled to now be listed in 84 Woolworths' around the country and even more Exclusive Books along with our loyal, wonderful and ever growing network of Cafe Distributors.

This Edition we’ll explore scientific tips to help brew better coffee at home; the history and future of robusta through research and then a jaunt through the colourful Malaysian cafe scene where robusta holds a special place; Brazilian coffee producers who have shifted focus to artisanal, specialty practices; Functional mushrooms that help well-being; A rip roaring photo shoot inspired by coffee and rock ’n roll and so much more!

Together the forces of science and creativity make coffee hold a meaningful space in our lives. And we’re grateful!

We are feeling extremely inspired having just got back from Athens and World of Coffee and we can't wait for the upcoming Creative Coffee Week in Durban to get a crowd of coffee professionals together to make coffee better for everyone.

What's Inside Issue 44:

Brew: The Science of Coffee

From the Big Bang to your big morning coffee, years of research have gone into the process of making your cup of coffee better. James Harper of Filter Stories, is determined to uncover the details and take us on this epic journey, so you can put these tips into practice at home. Original illustrations by Andy Torr.

Origin: Shifting Focus

Over the past 20 years, specialty coffee producers across the country have been fighting hard to make a name for Brazilian specialty coffees, with great success. We had the opportunity to connect with André Junqueira, a 6th generation coffee producer at Carmo Estate Coffee in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. He gave us some insight into the amazing and delicious world of Brazilian specialty coffee. 

This producer was used in the preliminary round of A Shot in the Dark 2023 and the coffee was sponsored by Marunic Coffee. Thank you Marunic!

Discover: The Rise of Robusta

As the coffee growing world continues to innovate to ensure our supply of the good stuff, the Coffea Robusta species has made its way to the foreground of this conversation. We investigate how robusta has long been part of this industry, but not often spoken of. All that is swiftly changing! We speak to Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research who sheds some light on the subject for us after they have just released their Robusta Varieties Catalogue.

Culture: Girl meets Kopitiam Universe

A coffee tradition hundreds of years old, rooted in Robusta and layered in idiosyncrasies, intrigues art curator and voracious traveller, Nicole Siegenthaler. You don’t want to miss this journey through Malaysian coffee culture…

Human Interest: What Dreams are Made Of

From Barista to CEO of Ghost Town Oats a million dollar company that she founded, Michelle Johnson is blazing a trail through the world of coffee, taking big swings and making her dreams come true with bravery and self-belief. 

Roast: The Gold Box Experience

Dr Zameer Brey visits this hidden gem in a semi-industrial area of Dubai, almost camouflaged to the unassuming caffeine consumer. But it shines ever so brightly to the one who seeks good fortune in the form of delectable delights from this vice. A buddy of 30 years (and serious coffee dude) joined him on this escapade.

Health: Functional Fungi

We know what you’re thinking. This publication is pushing psychedelics now?! Fear not, dear Reader, the science and innovation involved in unlocking the nutritional and healing properties in mushrooms is extremely far from the Shrooms you’re imagining. That’s right, the world of Mushrooms and Coffee are forming an alliance. Open your mind to the possibilities of mixing a little bit of mushroom magic into your daily coffee routine.

Kick: Full Throttle Creativity

What happens when a couple of rock stars collaborate with an up and coming coffee brand? You get full throttle creativity. And we love to see it. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous photo feature with Monarch Coffee Cartel and RAAF.

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