Cafe Focus: Naked Coffee, Seapoint

Thursday, 16 February, 2023
Hello Naked in Seapoint!
The recognisable green tiles run throughout the decor along with slick black touches including the 3-group Black Eagle and Mythos grinders proudly adorning the tasteful wooden counter. Somehow, they have managed to make their consumables like iced tea and alternative milk look like art, stacked intentionally against the green tiles. The space is designed practically too, for example the trendy over the counter tile feature doubles as storage space, so sought after in a busy cafe. High ceilings means the space feels luxurious and welcoming.

My waitress Lucy is gentle and friendly and offers an easy smile that sets me at ease. I can tell after 5 minutes surveying the scene that this is a spot that people have made their regular haunt. The person sitting next to me asks if I’ll be here for 15min while she pops home to get her charger. The gentleman who just walked in is greeted with a big handshake and smile from the waiter. People are happily working and there is no pressure to move on quickly. The vibe is very relaxed and the team are happy, chatting amongst themselves in the moments of quiet in-between rushes, creating a really good atmosphere.

I order a cortado and wait contently, continuing to soak up the scene. The medium dark roasted El Salvador is a good pairing for with the milk and a Romany Cream flavour pleasantly lingers. After having a very difficult time trying to decide between the plethora of amazing items on the menu, I finally go big and order the Breakfast Bagel.

When it arrives, swiftly after placing my order, the poached egg oozes perfectly over my elegantly stacked smoked trout bagel and the salsa verde adds a wonderful minty, citrus freshness to this rich dish, which I am surprised and delighted by. 

Even though I am beyond full, I can’t resist trying the much spoken of banana bread and I pair this with a double espresso. The sweet treat is a cross between sticky toffee pudding and banana bread and it smells amazing as it lands at the table. A block of butter wrapped up like sweet adds an extra level of indulgence, as I watch it melt into the toasted goodness. The espresso has a rich crema and the bitterness compliments the warm bake.
Did you know that there's a National Banana Bread Day? It's 23rd February and if you're looking to get a fix, we would highly recommend finding a Naked near you!

Everyone is very comfortable and at home. The luxury setting gives way to a warm gooey centre here and I can tell why people have made it their local on the Seapoint strip.

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