New Product: Cold Brew Kit from GOAT STORY

Friday, 27 September, 2019

GOAT STORY are a pretty crazy little company. They started out by making (and you can still get one) a mug in the shape of a goat's horn as an ode to the origin story of coffee; discovered by goats eating the cherries in the foothills of Ethiopia way back when. Now, my initial reaction to this product is that it is highly impractical, but you know what, sometimes you've just got to go full whimsical, embrace your inner viking/hipster and get a coffee mug in the shape of a horn to sling over your shoulder.

That being said, their follow-on products are both highly practical, the GINA brewer combins three different brew methods in one (which World Brewers Cup Champ, Emi Fukahori, used in her winning set) and now their new Cold Brew Kit aims to allow cold brewing to be easier for people at home. This latest idea continues our theme of Cold Brew for Summer! So they take a very simple idea (brewing tea in this case!) and make it look damn fine and taste great apparently! I mean, it's a stroke of genius really. It may not work for us here in SA with shipping etc, but for Europe, you will be able to order filter bags filled with delicious specialty coffee ready to submerge. Easy peasy. 

"Preparing cold brew coffee can be a challenge for home users, as it needs to be ground, steeped and filtered. And this is where Cold Brew Kit excels", explains Anze Miklavec, CEO and co-founder of GOAT STORY, "Cold Brew Kit simplifies the preparation of cold brew coffee. We sealed freshly roasted and ground specialty coffee in filter bags so the user only needs to add a bag to this beautiful pitcher, pour water over it and wait.

As GOAT STORY's brand strategist and head roaster Dušan Maticic added, it's a simple task: "Simply soak, wait and enjoy the variety of flavours that specialty coffee, which is roasted in our in-house roastery, can offer. This is definitely the simplest way of making cold brew coffee!"

The young team at GOAT STORY has ambitious plans for the future. After launching Cold Brew Kit they will offer a variety of specialty coffees that will be roasted in their in-house roastery. And in the next year you can expect several new innovations as they plan to cover the whole spectrum of coffee preparation.

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