Recipe: Cold Brew Popsicles

Friday, 23 August, 2019

Cold Brew Popsicles!


Condensed Milk

Cream, whipped to soft peaks

Cold Brew Coffee to taste

Cold brew coffee can last for weeks without its flavours degrading, so a little bit of time chillin’ in the freezer won’t make a difference, which is excellent news. Additionally, its inherent sweetness is so obvious a match for the popsicle, you just have to try it!

To get your own consignment of indulgent coffee-pops, mix together the coffee and sweetened condensed milk to your level of coffee, fold into the whipped cream and pour into the moulds. Place the sticks, and let sit in the freezer over night.

Cold brew coffee popsicles are simple, giving you that super smooth but strong caffeinated boost. What's better than waking up on a hot summer morning with a ice cold coffee ready to go in the freezer. Or for a fun dessert option when entertaining!

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