ASITD ME 2023: Copper Roastery, Mohammed Reza

Monday, 2 October, 2023

Name of business owner: Gregory McLean

Name of competing roaster: Mohammed Reza

When did your roastery start? And, as the owner, why a coffee roastery?

Our roastery was established in 2015. As the owner, I chose to start a coffee roastery because of my passion for exceptional coffee. I wanted to create a space where people could experience the artistry of coffee-making, explore diverse flavors, and appreciate the nuances of high-quality, freshly roasted beans. Coffee, for me, is not just a beverage; it's a way to bring people together, celebrate culture, and provide a unique and delightful

experience to our customers. This passion and belief in the transformative power of great coffee inspired the foundation of our roastery.

Question for roaster: How did you learn to roast coffee?

I started roasting first by watching clips on YouTube and then started working in one of the best coffee roastery in Tehran. A few years later, I opened my own roastery in Tehran.

And what drew you to roasting as a profession?

My strong interest in the world of coffee attracted me to this side day by day, it made me focus a lot on this work, it became the field of my progress.

What do you love most about the coffee roasting industry?

The best thing I like in this industry is to be able to offer a good product to my customers. Coffee has become a part of my life and I can't part with it for a day, it has had a great impact on my life, and I love it.

In your opinion, is roasting more science or more art?

In my opinion, it is an art, which has science in it, but if we look at it in the old ways, it is a work of art and unique. I myself look at it through the eyes of art in the first stage.

Was there a particular cup of coffee that changed the way you think about coffee?

When I was in China, I tasted very special coffees, and it was there that my professional journey began, drinking fresh and special coffee from this country in a coffee farm was truly unique.

What is your focus as a roastery? Wholesale to cafes? Do you roast just for your own cafe? Sell online?

Our primary focus as a roastery is to deliver exceptional coffee experiences. We cater to various needs, including wholesale supply to cafes, ensuring they serve the finest coffee to their customers. Additionally, we roast for our own cafe, ensuring a high-quality brew in-house. Furthermore, we've expanded our reach by selling our premium coffee blends online. This approach allows us to share our passion for great coffee with a wider

audience, making quality beans accessible to coffee enthusiasts beyond our immediate region.

May you please tell us a bit about your team? Who makes the wheels turn in your operation?

Each individual in our team has a vital role to play. This includes our skilled roasters, dedicated to delivering the finest coffee to our customers, our technicians who promptly handle any machine problems, our operations team ensuring timely deliveries, and our marketing team generating buzz on social media.

With all the different processing methods now available to roasters, is there a processing method that you enjoy working with? And why?

Personally, I have a lot of fun with the natural processing method, I like it personally and in my own style, it is very respectable for me. Because of the output I can get from it, such as naturals from Ethiopia or China, which are the most wonderful coffees I have roasted.

How have you seen coffee culture in your region grow over the last few years?

Over the past few years, we've witnessed a remarkable growth in coffee culture in our region. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of specialty coffee shops, a rise in appreciation for diverse coffee blends and brewing methods, and a greater emphasis on ethically sourced beans. The community's interest in understanding the origin and unique flavors of coffee has also surged, fostering a more vibrant and informed coffee

culture locally.

Where are you located and can people come visit you?

We are in Wadi Kabir, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. We are always open to welcoming people for a cup of coffee.

What makes your roastery stand out in a booming industry?

Our roastery stands out through exceptional quality, dedicated customer service, constant innovation, and strong community engagement. Our expert roasters, top-notch equipment, and commitment to sustainability set us apart in this booming industry.

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