Cafe Focus: Coco Safar, Johannesburg

Friday, 12 May, 2023

Words by Ayanda Dlamini

There could be no better location for the newly opened Coco Safar. The cafe fits in so well in Rosebank ( at The Zone) where life is vibrant and multicultural, where the atmosphere has an undertone of constant liveliness and is populated with people from all over the world.

The beautiful location of this new cafe created such suspense, as the space was under construction for what felt like ages. Now Coco Safar is finally here in Johannesburg and is attracting quite the buzz.

I mean, why wouldn't it. The name Coco Safar, in and of itself is an instant force of attraction. My initial association with the name was the brand Coco Chanel. Perhaps because they both exude an essence of luxury and French chic. It was a delight to discover that the word “Safar” translated means: Journey or Travel. I thought, what a perfect word for a cafe experience that allowed my imagination to romanticize an experience I’ve never had: having a cup of coffee in a cafe alongside the beautiful streets of France.

I ordered a black Americano to sit and sip on and a pistachio croissant to go. Everything was picture perfect. Most importantly, the coffee was phenomenal. Served in a small black and orange mug that fit perfectly in my hand. Their Voyage Blend was delicious, well balanced, fruity and rich in flavour, paired perfectly with a shot of sparkling water and a beautifully yellow lemon and poppy seed madeleine.

The cherry on top were the staff. Not only do they present themselves in the most stylish beige and white uniforms, they were also all so friendly and welcoming. A special mention to their lovely store managers, Gift and Vuyelwa (Lavuvu), who passionately represent the Coco Safar poise, while enlightening me on the numerous croissant flavours. We chatted about how it’s best to come super early in the morning, when there are too many croissant options to count, ranging from chocolate, apple and cinnamon and charcoal infused croissants, and of course the delicious range of coffees they have to offer. My Coco Safar experiences will definitely not end here, I look forward to exploring their entire menu and seeing them grow in their new space.

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