Introducing Green Coffee Supply!

Wednesday, 10 May, 2023

We're seeing a very interesting shift in the green coffee market in South Africa and it's extremely exciting. Only a couple of years ago we could count on one hand the number of green coffee brokers, but there has been an explosion of new businesses in recent years and roasters can look forward to much more choice in the future.

One of the new players is Jarrod Faber who has started Green Coffee Supply! A name that gets straight to the point, we like it! We chatted to Jarrod to see how it all came about.

We wish this new coffee business everything of the best!

Jarrod Faber & Mike Mac Donald of Green Coffee Supply

Hello Jarrod! Tell us the background of how GCS came to be!

Green Coffee Supply was born out of the coffee price crisis over the past 18 months. As a roaster myself, I realised there was a need for good value for money coffees which can hit the levels of quality roasters are after while still coming in at a price point which is viable for the business. There was also a need for better service delivery and cost breaks for the smaller roasters.

Where are you based and who is in the team? 
Mike Mac Donald is our licensed Q-Grader and coffee specialist. Mike and myself currently run all operations including the sourcing of our coffees as well as building relationships with roasters. We are based in the Durbanville Farm Lands on the beautiful solar powered farm, Klein Friesland.

Green Coffee Supply's cupping bar at Klein Friesland Farm

Green Coffee Supply warehouse open to all roasters to come visit

What are the main goals and vision for the business?
We have had a very clear objective from the start and that is to offer better value for money coffees as well as better value service to roasters. Ultimately making life easier for roasters.

How is GCS different to other green brokers out there?

We intend to offer the best value for money coffees on the market. We undergo an intensive selection process by scrutinising a multitude of coffees before adding any coffees to our offering. Pre-shipment samples as well as post-shipment samples are all quality checked in-house by licensed Q-Grader, Mike Mac Donald. We offer free deliveries up to 60km from our warehouse. We don't charge extra for split bags. We also offer delivery on split bag quantities at a flat delivery rate. Finally, we have set ourselves apart through our beautifull setup and cupping bar on Klein Friesland Farm which is open to all roasters to come visit!

Tell us a little about the coffees you have available right now, and what’s expected to be on your offer list in the coming months...

Currently we have 2 Ugandan offerings. Uganda Mt. Elgon Bugisu Washed (SCA Grade 81) and Uganda Rwenzori Mountains Natural (SCA Grade 81.5). We are also about to receive our Burundi Red Bourbon TT. All these coffees are currently on offer for less that R100/Kg. We are currently looking into multiple new coffees from various origins to include to our offering....stay tuned.

Ugandan lots currently in stock

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