New SCASA Board: Voting Open

Thursday, 11 August, 2022

If you are a paid up SCASA Member you now have the opportunity to vote for the Board of Directors that will lead the Association for the next two years. As we always say, an Association is only as strong as it's members, so now is the time to make your voices heard!

These are the nominees:

The form to vote can be found here. Please remember, only paid up members votes will be considered!

If you wish to get your membership up to date, please email Amanda at

Board of Director Duties and Info
The Board of Directors is the driving force behind SCASA.  Together, they strive to promote and improve the specialty coffee industry in South Africa in accordance with their mandate and constitution.

BoD Meetings:  

The Board typically meets at least once per month.  During meetings we discuss issues pertaining to Barista Championships, the management of SCASA and the promotion of specialty coffee in South Africa.  Directors are responsible to actively participate in all meetings, with a minimum number of 6 meets per annum.


- Manage the various SCA authorized championships (eg. Barista Champs, Cupping Champs, Latte Art Champs etc).
- Market SCASA with the aim of promoting specialty coffee in SA.
- Manage memberships, sponsors and the finances thereof.
- Schedule and Attend BoD meetings.
- Directors should be informed of the affairs of the Association to properly perform their duty.
-The Director is accountable to conform to a general standard of conducted which will both protect the Director and the Association from liability or personal gain.
- The Director shall not participate in any Association decision when the Director has a material financial interest in the transaction in question without first informing the Board of the interest and following proper procedures. Each Director is accountable to general terms of confidentiality of any discussion between member of the Board or at meetings.
- A period of 2 years’ service is expected of a Director

What makes a suitable board member:

The BoD is required to deal with a multitude of issues that may arise.  From championship arrangements and disputes that the competitors may have, to managing and financing the travel arrangements of the champions to the World events.  Directors are required to stay neutral and unbiased in all situations.  Being a member of the BoD is a prestigious title, but it must be handled with care and respect.

How many Directors are chosen?

The BoD typically consists of 6 directors.

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