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Friday, 5 October, 2018

Cover: The Extraordinarily High Cost of Cheap Coffee   Pg 10

If we hope to uplift the people behind our cup of coffee we need to take a good, hard look at what we’re paying. David Donde from Truth Coffee, asks some tough questions of us, as consumers of coffee beverages. Strap in and hold on! 

Origin: Dreams vs Reality   Pg 16

A South African man’s journey into specialty coffee in Ecuador and out the other side as the reality of the specialty coffee industry set in.

Industry: Coffee Magazine Awards 2018   Pg 24

Presented by Selati Sugar. We had an incredible opportunity to celebrate the South African Coffee Industry and all the wonderful people in it. Find out who won top honours at the inaugural ceremony!

Brew: It’s all in the Grind!          Pg 34

Hand grinders may seem like a lot of hard work, but Ishan Natalie, 3 time SA Barista Champion, can assure you that this labour of love is totally worth it. 

Roast: A Shot in the Dark           pg 40

South Africa’s First Coffee Roasting Competition and why it’s important to coffee drinkers everywhere.

Culture: Let the Music Move You    Pg 48

Part 3 of 4. We challenged Lem Butler to tell us about the Record and coffee that never fail to move him. This is our favourite in the series so far. An education in music and coffee!

Travel: Appreciating the Balance    Pg 52

Japan is initially overwhelming, but its 

Interview: Reviving an Ancient Coffee Route     Pg 60

Mokhtar Alkhanshali cultivates Yemeni coffee through civil war and unbelievable conditions and the results are sensational 

Taste: How to use the Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel and The Role of Q Graders        Pg 66

With Chad Whitby and Mbula Musua

Discover Great Coffee: Movers and Shakers     pg 72

Brands that are forging their own path and making their mark on the SA coffee market.

Kick: Diving into Coffee       pg 80

Interview with the most successful Paralympian in SA history, Natalie du Toit and her connection to coffee.

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